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Helping aspiring coaching entrepreneurs to shorten the gap between being an employee to being an entrepreneur, without all the overwhelm of trying to figure it out alone.

You’ve got that rising feeling of dissatisfaction that is gnawing away at your soul - you know you’re meant for more. You’re exhausted, burnt-out and overwhelmed as you burn the candle at both ends working late into the night trying to navigate what feels like the stormy seas of the online digital business world.

Fear and uncertainty is your new normal as you know what you want to do but you’re held back  by not knowing what’s on the other side of the 9 to 5.

I’m so glad you found this page because I know the truth about you…

You're a Fearless WarriorDetermined to launch like a WarriorTenaciousan Action Takerready to invest in yourself and your businessprepared to work on how to be visible online

You’re here because you know you are a Warrior and I’m here to help you find your “Inner Warrior” again in order for you to successfully launch your dream business.

Do you remember when you used to love to be pushed fast on the swings?

Perhaps, like me, you’d fearlessly sneak out from your parents house to meet your friends?

What about the time that you bravely moved cities to study or courageously moved countries to pursue a better life?

You were a warrior then and you still are the same ambitious warrior now.  You’ve been through pretty much everything along your journey. That journey is not finished yet, it’s just a chapter of the many other bold moments that are yet to come.

You’re a Warrior and you know that you were put in this world for more than just the mundane routine of your 9 to 5. You know it and you feel it with every fibre of your being...


Just imagine living a life that inspires and empowers others; you have more time to spend with your family and you’re enjoying true freedom - the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want from wherever you want as you run a successful and profitable online coaching business.

You’re fulfilled and happy knowing that you’ve created a sustainable business, a legacy to leave for generations to come.

I remember when I was working in my 9-5, just like you are now.  I was always looking at other people taking the leap, achieving what they wanted and I knew I wanted to do something for myself too.

It wasn’t until resignations at work started to make the environment intolerable and I hated watching my colleagues, who were like family to me, going through the angst of not knowing whether they were safe or not.

My levels of dissatisfaction were rising and I was on the edge of my tolerance levels - I was at snapping point.

And this is when I started studying everything and anything I could on building a business online.  I mastered social media marketing, digital programming, web design and all the nuts and bolts of building a business (on the side) so I could fire my boss!

There were times when I was overwhelmed and exhausted and wondered if I’d ever be out of the end of the tunnel - I was tired and remember feeling crabby with my husband and kids and that hurt me the most.


Through sheer determination and tapping back into my Inner Warrior I built my membership site that brought together all of my unique skills and knowledge that I wanted to share with my clients, and just as I was putting on the finishing touches - my “enough is enough” moment showed up!

As though the Universe was conspiring on my behalf i reached my tipping point after a confrontation with my boss and that was all I needed...

Within minutes of storming out of his office, I wrote my resignation letter and I fired my boss!!

Life was about to get very real!!!

Check out more of my story in this video...

Now I help my clients build their vision with confidence and certainty and shorten the gap between being an employee to being an entrepreneur, without all the overwhelm of trying to figure it out alone.

I want you to know that there is another way and we are going to secretly build your business on the side and have a lot of fun along the way, so that when time comes, you too can “Fire Your Boss” just like I did.


I want you to feel like a Warrior as you’re taking consistent action. I want you to own the Warrior inside of you when you finally make the decision to leap from your 9 to 5.


I know that you are ready to fire your boss and you’re at the tipping point of handing in your resignation letter and this is why I am here to help you.  Let’s work together so that your decision to quit is considered, is timely and you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. I’ve seen so many coaches quit without the proper foundations in place and they struggle and often wind up back in a J.O.B.

You're a Fearless WarriorDetermined to launch like a WarriorTenaciousan Action Takerready to invest in yourself and your businessprepared to work on how to be visible online

Awesome feedback from our amazing clients...

  • Sanae Floyd - Business & Sales Coach Sanae Floyd - Business & Sales Coach Sanae Floyd

    Working with Sofia at Increase your Social Reach has been a game changer for my business in so many ways. What I love about working with Sofia is the way she really understands my business and my goals, short term and long term.  She has taught me so much about how to leverage my on-line presence for maximum results and her knowledge and expertise is second to none when it comes to marketing on line!

    She has increased the engagement on my business page by 73.7% since we started working together and my list has grown exponentially as she has helped me promote my opt-ins.  Sofia tracks and analyses data and responds with speed when she sees what is working and what isn't. As a result, I had the confidence to launch my second group program whilst the first one was still running and a 3rd is launching in less than 8 weeks time. I never imagined things could move and grow so fast in my business!

    If I was to sum up working with Sofia, I would say that she does her work from a place of such passion, operating from her zone of genius which frees me up to operate in mine!

    More about Sanae
  • Angela De Souza - Director Angela De Souza - Director Women's Business Club
    I cannot recommend Sofia enough. She knows her stuff, is incredibly thorough and really listens to what her clients want. Most importantly she gets quality results. Sofia is great to work with, can manage a team effectively if required and is very professional in everything she does. I could not trust anyone else with my social media but have now confidently give Sofia Carte blanche over my accounts.
    More about Women's Business Club
  • Andrea Vahl - Social Media Consultant, Facebook Advertising Specialist, Author, and International Speaker Andrea Vahl - Social Media Consultant, Facebook Advertising Specialist, Author, and International Speaker Andrea Vahl Inc
    Sofia has been a member of my courses, Facebook Advertising Secrets and Social Media Manager School for years. She is an active member providing wonderful strategy advice and knowledgeable answers to group members. She is extremely talented at social media and Facebook Ads and I would highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
    More about Andrea
  • Angela Andrews Angela Andrews AA Love Simple LLC
    Social media drives me nuts sometimes - and Sofia helped me with that! I was feeling like I didn’t know what to post, where to post, or when to post. I knew I needed to utilize the power of social media but needed a plan. I booked one of Sofia’s 90-minute strategy sessions and she asked me questions about my goals, my preferences of what social media channels to use, and most importantly she created me a PLAN. I now had specific daily and weekly tasks to do and I could easily implement what she taught me. It was SO MUCH easier with my step-by-step plan from Sofia. Thank you Sofia!
    More about Angela

Empowering and equipping Entrepreneurial Warriors still in their J.O.B looking out and wondering how they can be recognized, visible and create a successful business on their own. I help independent Coaches, Consultants, Mentors and Authors aka creative Entrepreneurs break free from the shackles of corporate and plan their exit without their boss knowing it and eventually fire their boss. I help them build the foundations to the business they desire to have, build a tribe of raving fans and stop being socially "awkward".

- Sofia Pacifico Reis - Digital Visibility GPS Coach & Mentor

Work with me over 6 months and together we’ll launch your signature coaching programme you will have fired your boss and created a freedom lifestyle you dream about, built a business you love by launching your Signature coaching program which you will confidently sell over and over again and a visibility roadmap which is going to increase your reach and make you visible online. You will have a membership site that is a thriving community that allows you to feel fulfilled in service whilst giving you a lucrative income month in month out.

Work with me on your Visibility Strategy and I will help you take the action that will gather the momentum that you need to build engagement, attraction and starting booking your diary full out with dream clients.


Within no time you will be showing up confidently and sharing your powerful warrior message to the right people – magnetising your ideal clients to you.

You’ll have on hand a tailored visibility plan that you can rinse and repeat as many times as needed.

You’ll be focusing on your story and your own unique “voice” and feeling confident that what you offer is what they need – and you’ll master the essence of ‘social selling’

You’ll have a content plan in place so that removes the overwhelm of posting every day or when you’re off on holiday.

You’re going to monetize your visibility so that clients come to you and you’re not chasing them. You will be growing your tribe and knowing how to nurture those relationships.

Work with me for 30 days and we will put in place your easy to follow step by step marketing campaign to drive traffic to your event or programme

You will know exactly how to position yourself in the right places to attract the right people

Let’s implement the strategy that will put paid to overwhelm and see you making money from your very first launch.

The beauty of this launch campaign strategy is that once you have it, you can use it over and over for your future launches as you grow your business – Now that’s what I call an investment!

TEASER BONUS  Access to Social Media Starter Kit. Resources and Master Your Media programme.

  • Email support throughout
  • 1 hour call per week for full accountability, support and mentoring
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to the VIP Warrior Virtual membership, The Social Media Starter Kit and all resources available 
  • Regular progress updates and tracking so you feel reassured and in control


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