Gain control over your Social Media rather than let Social Media control YOU...feel freedom from all the social media stress, techie time suck and visibility "demons".

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    Are you stressed by all the social media posts you need to create?

    Do you know where to get content or even what to post every day? Do you find yourself stuck for content week in, week out? Do you worry about business drying up the second you step away from it?

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    Is the techie time suck giving you a bad taste in your mouth?

    Do you cringe when you know there are so many tools and resources that you need for your coaching business but don't know where to start? Do you feel bad when you know that your business is "sucking" your time and there is no more time left for you to show up in your "zone of genius"? Do you just want to magically travel to a desert island where you can do your work in peace?

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    Are you hiding away from your ideal client for fear of rejection?

    Do you actually know who your ideal client is? Where they are hanging out online? How to engage with them in an authentic way?


...but something is stopping you. You know this is where your customers are, and it's where THEY SEEK YOU. However, you keep on putting it all on the back burner because you don't know where to START, WHO to target and WHAT to say!!


HAVE YOU actually started marketing yourself online ONLY to find out that:

  • You've got a severe case of "comparisonitis". Seeing all those other Coaches posting about their wins makes your success feel like a million miles away.'s not if you believe that you too can DO it.
  • You want to attract people without being salesy and inauthentic. It's possible to be unique and differentiate yourself from the sea of Coaches out there.
  • You want to build and grow an engaged tribe and stand-out as the Expert you are but struggle to position yourself. By making the right connections, you will find your true "voice" that will create influence and impact.

YOU WANT  to go straight into the "Action Tasks" so that you CAN see your coaching business prosper, GET CLIENTS AND make money, right?


Knowing that every day your tribe are looking out for your daily messages and inspiration. With creativity flowing you know exactly what to say and your consistent visibility instills that vital know, like and trust. You'll never need to sell again because your value speaks volumes when you are truly visible. As the saying goes, the more of "you" you show, the more your business will grow.


To "Master Your Media" mindset and slay the visibility demons.

Create a clear vision of your online goals and landscape, so that you can reach more raving fans for maximum impact.

A definite purpose for your daily activity which is aligned with your goals without being an energy drainer. Having more freedom to do all the FUN stuff.


I will guide YOU through and give you the support and accountability to ensure you are taking the action to increase your visibility online and REACH those amazing people that need YOU.

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Master Your Media Social Lounge 6 weeks Group Coaching Program

Week 1: Planning your GOALS can be "Sexy"

Are you Plan-Envy? Why is it that planning is so easy for some and so boring for others? If you are anything like me, planning for every event in my life needs to be down on paper otherwise it won't be done. Think of little things you do in life, where there is a plan, there is a way to achieve something. It gives you the clarity you need for your life and business goals. I bring this skill from corporate to you. Together we will work on drilling down your business objectives and position them in your overall landscape so that you know exactly where you're going and how to get there.


Week 2: Build Meaningful Engagement

Ah engagement!! Engagement for me on social media is like the time I left my home country behind to start a new life in a completely different country with it's different culture, different language, different people. Had I not been bold and adventurous, I would have really struggled because the communication and conversations weren't easy to grasp. We are all different in how we communicate with each other but you still need to do it if you want to be visible online authentically and differentiate yourself from the millions of coaches.


Week 3: ACE Winning Campaigns

Do you hear that? People are talking, and they could be talking about you and your cool brand! Social media campaigns that show your customers the person-centered and fun sides of your business will generate enough buzz to have your ears burning with mentions and shout outs! Posts that speak to someone, fun hashtags, photos that document the impact you are having on your community, I can show exactly how to do it all! And we’ll get them talking about you!


Week 4: Create content that makes you STAND-OUT from the crowd

Get recognized as the Expert you are and stand out from the crowd. Own your brand with a clear and consistent "voice" and create informative, fun and engaging content that your fans will be happy to share online. This week is all about helping you overcome the feeling of the "unknown". The majority of businesses already have a lot of content available to them but struggle with how to turn that into creative marketing and re-purposing it to multiple platforms.


Week 5: Master Your Media Mindset - Slay Your Visibility "Demons"

Whether it's the fear of criticism or judgement or a belief that you're somehow "not good enough" ...this stuff can really trash your efforts and keep you invisible! That's why I have invited guest expert coaches into the Lounge to talk about how you can overcome those fears and limiting beliefs!


Week 6: Numbers & Connections to Boost Confidence.

In order to know where you're going, you need to know where you're at. This module is all about knowing how to identify what's working and what's not so you can become super focused and stay on track. This is where we get to grips with the details of your journey, as your GPS I will help you ensure that you're not falling foul of any unnecessary detours that have your wasting your precious time and money.

We will deal with your business challenges in the Biz Warrior Mastermind Club and together we will brainstorm some ideas, solutions, we'll exchange skill sets, hold people accountable, support and celebrate others successes. Every member will have the chance to bring a problem to the "Hot Seat" or a decision that you need to make so the other members can advise or recommend ways forward.

£1297 for lifetime access to Master Your Media MYM© Social Lounge 2 payments £649 /3 weeks (Value £1997 and more bonus)

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Have a look at what I've got for you
on the weekly modules...

The MYM© Social Lounge will be delivered in 6 weeks starting on the 20th February 2017. On Monday, the material and worksheets will be delivered in the members site where I show you exactly what needs to be done and then on Thursday it's time for a zoom Q&A call or you can ask your burning questions in our Secret VIP Facebook group. The zoom call will be at 2 pm GMT - 9 am EST.

Every week different solution based tasks will be given so that you can practice and put them into place. Soon YOU will start mastering your social media with confidence and with a purpose knowing that you will have more time to do what you love.

Accountability and support are so needed when you work as a solopreneur Coach, Consultant or Mentor, so on the last week of this programme you will have access to a group Mastermind call where your challenges will be heard, discussed and recommended solutions will be suggested to help you move forward which is the KEY to your success. In order to grow and expand, we need to be connected to the right Peer support group.


  • Lifetime Membership Access to all the weekly modules and recordings
  • VIP Secret Group with a community of ambitious, action taking Coaches, Consultants & Trainers
  • Resources area full of links to help you even further, with Social Media Strategies adopted by experts in your field.
  • Access To The Social Media Starter Kit Crash Course for a year.
  • Weekly Live Mastermind Calls with your Q&A's
  • 1 hour One2One Call to get you clear on your plan to help you move forward.
  • 45min Breakthrough Call with Biz Partner Sanae Floyd.
  • Access to the Biz Warriors Mastermind Club an intimate setting to help you move forward in your business..

£1297 for lifetime access to Master Your Media MYM© Social Lounge 2 payments £649 /3 weeks (Value £1997 + Bonuses)

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The "Master Your MediaMYM© Social Lounge

greencheck You are an online Coach, Consultant or Mentor


greencheck Investing in the growth of your business is a priority to you.

greencheck You're done with the struggle and what to find a way to move forward

greencheck You love the thought of hanging out with like minded, high vibe coaches on the same mission as you.



Q1 : Would I have time to do another course? My business is expanding and it just seems I haven’t got the time to allocate for extra learning. +

What I would suggest is that you block a specific time of the day that you aren't as busy to go through the modules, ideally if you can connect with someone in the group, an accountability partner could be a good motivation. If you are doing this on your own, I would advise that you pencil in some blocks of time on your calendar and if you have any questions to visit the private Facebook group often where we will give you as much guidance as possible.

Q3: What if I start doing the program but for some unforeseen circumstances I need to stop? +

You have lifetime access to this programme and all its materials so at any time you can come back and resume the training and of course you also have access to the Private VIP Facebook group and ask your questions or just listen how others are doing and implementing in your unique way.

Q4: What if I come across some technical issues? Or I can’t download the materials for some reason? +

All you need to do is to send us an email to and we will do all we can to help you get back on track with everything.

Q5: You’ve mentioned that there will be live weekly calls. I might not be able to attend because of the scheduled times, will there be a recording of the live Q&A calls? +

Absolutely. There will be recordings of the calls after the live event and it will be available in a separate area just for the live call recordings. It would be great if you submit your Q&A’s in our Facebook group, by email to if you're not attending live on the day of the call.